I’m the first to admit that I get a slight twang of fear whenever I see Christmas paraphernalia advertised before December. Working in advertising often means being involved in producing Christmas communication for brands long before anyone else has even begun to register that it’s on its way, and has given me a healthy dislike for the season. With all this as a preface, I have been trying to ignore these Pantone Christmas decorations, despite seeing them up online in a couple of places recently. The more I see them, however, and I thought I’d share them.

It’s this kind of interesting product stretch that is becoming quite prevalent in retail at the moment though. Successful brands are often seen producing spin-offs that are seemingly disconnected, but still aligned to the overall mother brand. So despite seeming like rampant cashing in, Pantone has licensed their brand out to consumer goods beyond the colour matching system, and reaching a much wider audience.

And, all this aside. They are just pretty damn cool…

Pantone Christmas Baubles

Pantone Christmas Baubles

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