There are a number of synaesthesia-themes art installations and the like popping up lately. This may be one of the more subtle iterations of the trend, but I quite like how simple the idea is. Basically, the installation attaches articulated arms and markers to records to draw geometric forms based on the spinning of the vinyl. It reminds me a bit of the spirographs we used to play with as kids, but a decidedly more adult version. reports:

The concept of music becoming art has taken a much more literal meaning with Robert Howsare‘s latest design project: Drawing Apparatus. It is simply composed with five elements: two record players, a mechanical linkage made with two articulated wooden arms, a marker, and a canvas. As the record players turn, the arm attached to each player moves, drawing beautiful geometric art abstractions on the canvas. With slight controlled variables like disc speed and arm length, the illustrations go in different directions and take various shapes. The process is quick and hypnotizing to watch.

I think this kind of multi-sensory exploration is linked to our increased use of tech that extends our senses, and allows us to play with perception in new ways. It also very much reinforces the physicality of the spinning record, as opposed to more abstract digital music forms. To see it in action, and for more information, check out the original article:

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