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Vertebral Staircase

There’s an amazing serendipity with Twitter. After posting Perception Park bone-inspired porcelain I’ve had a few other similar finds in my timeline, including these Vertebral Staircase designs. Phillip Watts designed these as two bespoke pieces for private homes, drawing on the spinal column as a design reference (and possibly a metaphor) in the home. These […]

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Single Serving – Console


This week’s Single Serving selection is an older track, but one from an album I’ve been listening to on a […]

Remix Rugs by Faig Ahmed


We live in an age where technology blurs the boundaries between creating, sharing and remixing. It is usually only digital […]

Cortex: the 3D Printed Cast


3D printing is being incredibly hyped at the moment, with designers and tech geeks looking for all kinds of ways […]

A Classic Braun Design, Reissued


Like any good design nerd, I have a special place in my heart for Dieter Rams’s classic designs for Braun. […]

Single Serving: Boards of Canada


Ok, so I know this week’s music pick is very much an acquired taste, but I decided to go with […]

Recycled Flipflop Animals


My boyfriend was in Kenya last week for a conference and while he was there he picked up a rather […]